About Dr. Lu

Dr. Lu is very passionate about Quality Dentistry and her focus is providing each of her patients with the best endodontic treatment possible. When it comes to treatment recommendations, she is very conservative in her approach and only recommends root canal therapy when absolutely indicated. Many times when the pulp is exposed after decay removal with no sign of pulpal infection, she would prefer to perform Vital Pulp Therapy over Root Canal Therapy in order to preserve healthy pulp tissues.

Conservative endodontics involves a minimally invasive approach and focuses on conservative access and canal preparation as well as preservation of the natural crown and root structures. This method allows for a strong and solid foundation for restorative dentistry. Dr. Lu’s referring dentists regularly express appreciation for her focus on Minimally Invasive Endodontics.

Dr. Lu practiced as a restorative dentist for many years prior to specializing in endodontics. Her extensive knowledge in restorative dentistry provides her with a good foundation when it comes to endo-restorative decisions. When restorability is questionable, she communicates this to the referring dentist before endodontic treatment is performed.

Her practice philosophy is based on trust, compassion and quality. She thoroughly educates her patients on their endodontic conditions and proposed treatment plans. She performs each procedure meticulously to obtain the best outcome possible. Digital photos and radiographs are often taken to communicate with the referring dentist detailing important findings via a detailed full color report.