Zeiss Surgical Operating Microscope

We are here to provide the highest quality endodontic care by utilizing the cutting edge advanced technology available. There are new technologies and techniques that are available that allow us to do treatments better and with fewer complications.

Our office is a state-of-the-art Paperless Digital Office. Our TDO software is a paperless record keeping system which allows your dentist to view all phases of your treatment online, and as well as allowing you to register/check-in and update all the necessary information on our website at the comfort of your home prior to your first visit.

We utilize the most powerful Surgical Operating Microscope with optimally enhanced magnification to visualize the tiny details inside your tooth, up to 20x of the naked eye, and fiber optic illumination to visualize complex root canal anatomy, allowing us to deliver the most predictable treatment outcomes.

We capture the images of your tooth through Digital Radiography and Digital Photography. Our latest digital x-ray sensor can significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure to you compared to conventional film by about 90%. Since these images are all in digital format, there are no processing chemicals used and your time spent during treatment is greatly reduced. We are also able to capture high quality digital photos during the procedure. The digital photography allows you to see what we see through the microscope. These images allow us document and communicate the findings with you and your dentist in a very effective way.

Our office adheres to standards of Infection Control in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines. All handpieces and instruments are sterilized prior to treating each patient to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Our sterilization equipment is carefully monitored for 100% effectiveness. Our dental equipment utilizes self-contained water supplies, capable of delivering bacteria-free sterile water during all surgical and nonsurgical procedures.