ZeissZeiss Surgical Operating Microscrope
Using the most powerful surgical operating microscope (SOM) available for dentistry, we are able to locate and treat canal anatomy that previously would have been neglected. Paired with fine ultra-sonic tips, the illumination and magnification provided, allows us to deliver the highest quality care and the most predictable outcomes for your patients.

ApexApex Locators
Apex locators are the most accurate way to read the canal terminus. The number of length determination radiographs is reduced to one in most cases. Treatment time and radiation exposures are further reduced, and clinical confidence is increased, when working in the apical region. The ROOT ZX is designed to provide an accurate reading, regardless of the irrigation solution utilized in the canal. Apex location is measured in .25 mm increments when within 1.5mm of the apical foramen.

RadiographCarestream Digital Imaging System
Digital radiographs are safer, faster and diagnostically more useful in endodontics than conventional film x-rays. There is up to 80% reduction in radiation, compared to traditional film technology. Patient comfort is greatly increased by eliminating processing “waiting time” during their endodontic procedure. The resulting images are digital, allowing computer enhancement, enlargement and evaluation, which greatly improve diagnostic and communication capabilities.

The use of ultrasonic tips in a microhandpiece provides improved access and visibility over engine driven burs. When used with microscopes, ultrasonic instruments are indispensable in negotiating calcified canals, locating extra orifices, retrieval of broken instruments, removal of silver points, separated files and posts, as well as preparing parallel walled retropreps which conform to the anatomic reality of the root canal system during surgical procedures.

RotaryRotary and Hand Instruments
We use a variety of different NiTi rotary systems. Each case is unique and by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each rotary system, we are able to safely create the ideal deep shape. To clean and capture secondary anatomy and ensure thorough cleaning through the full length of the canal system, we rely heavily on careful and deliberate hand instrumentation with custom prebent files.

VerticalWarm Vertical Condensation
Warm vertical condensation modernizes the concepts expressed in the Schilder technique. Essentially, the master gutta-percha cone is seated using both heat and pressure. Waves of controlled heat are taken to within 2-3 mm of the apex to custom form the gutta-percha to all of the irregularities and secondary anatomy of the apical canal system.

MTAMineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA)
MTA is the most advanced material for retrofills, open apex cases, perforation and internal resorption repairs. MTA possesses physical properties superior to both alloy and Super-EBA cement. The material offers greater resistance to marginal leakage, superior biocompatibility, allowing new cementum formation over the restored root interface and the ability to set normally in the presence of moisture.

Warm injectInjectable Warm Gutta-Percha System
Thermoplasticized gutta-percha delivery systems rapidly fill even the most difficult root canal systems ensuring a 3-D complete seal with efficient and predictable results. This method can be used for backfilling or completely obturating canals with shapes in which gutta-percha cones cannot be closely adapted.

cone-beamCone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
CBCT has proven to be an essential tool for successful diagnosis, treatment planning, and post-procedure monitoring for endodontic applications. With its accurate and high-quality 3-D representations of maxillofacial structures, CBCT technology offers tremendous improvements in diagnostic capabilities, eliminating surprises and minimizing the need for exploratory surgery. The result: more effective care and improved patient outcomes.