Patient Testimonials

“Staff was extremely friendly and kind. Procedure was pretty much pain free. I would definitely come back and recommend to friends.” -Sandra L.

“I’m sending you a special thank you for adjusting your schedule to perform my root canal. You and Dani were able to make a miserable experience into an ok time. Your pleasant attitudes helped alot. Thanks” -Marilyn W.

“Thanks for everything! If I need another root canal, I will be back!” -Tom S.

“Dr. Lu was very accomodating on a last minute root canal that was needed. She was very thorough and clearly explained the treatment and the steps needed to finish treatment.” -Andrew EJ.

“I will and have been recommending you to my friends – no one likes dental work – but this was a very relaxed and painless visit. Thank you for patiently and calmly explaining the procedure and for being very courteous and friendly.” -Mary S.

“Dr. Lu takes a great deal of time understanding both your dental and medical background. She is extremely thorough, very conscientious and compassionate.” -Andrea L.

“I was recently treated by Dr. Lu and was very pleased with the care I received. Dr. Lu explained my situation clearly and thoroughly, and she was meticulous in treating my condition. She and her assistant worked together seamlessly to complete the root canal treatment, and they worked to assure that I was as comfortable as possible during the treatment. I was apprehensive about having a root canal done, but felt I received the best care possible from Dr. Lu. It’s not often that I’m totally satisfied with health care providers these days, but in this case I couldn’t have been happier with the treatment I received from Dr. Lu and her assistant.” -Curt K.

“Very professional, clean office, state of the art equipment. I would definitely recommend to anyone.” -Trudy N.

“Thank you for your attention to detail. I especially appreciated the pictures and explanation at the end.” -Sandra A.

“Everyone was nice and caring and ready to get rid of my “10+” pain.” -Rose D.

“I felt very comfortable and safe during my visit. Dr Lu did a great job explaining the procedure. The dental assistant was very nice and helpful. I had no pain during the procedure and I’m very pleased with my visit.” -Emelie A.

“I had a dental emergency with a broken tooth and pain, my dentist called and Dr. Lu’s assistant worked me into her schedule and I was seen immediately. The visits (3) was as pleasant as a dental visit can be and I was treated extremely well. I would recommend Dr. Lu to everybody that need an Endodontist.” -Anne S.

“I do not like dental work but Dr. Lu you made my experience very bearable. I appreciate your kindness and gentle touch.” -Donna L.

“Both Dr. Lu and her assistant were wonderful. The experience was quick, friendly and most of all painless!” -Debi W.

“Very professional and took care of unusual complex structure of roots. Didn’t give up and scheduled additional visits as necessary to make sure the job was done right.” -Robert R.

“No one enjoys a root canal! However, Dr. Lu and staff were absolutely amazing! So skilled, so concerned about my comfort throughout the entire process. I never experienced one moment of pain. Everything was throughly explained in detail along with options for further treatment if necessary. So far her work has proven perfect for me. I will only use Dr. Lu from this point forward and have passed her name on to many people. She exhibits total confidence and that is soooo important! Thank you Dr. Lu for being here for us!!!!” -Bonnie H.

“Dr. Sharon Lu and her staff are professional, accommodating and caring and her office is beautiful and state of the art. I am grateful to have access to such great care with a successful outcome” -Perri N.

“I felt most comfortable with Dr. Lu. She seemed extremely capable and confident. I have had 3 other root canals performed by different practitioners and found her to be the most competent. I would recommend her to everyone. Her office is equipped with all of the modern pieces of digital equipment which makes her job that much easier. She is also a pleasant young lady” -Steve Q.

“My best testimonial would be that I would without hesitation use your services again.” -Donald S.

“Dr. Lu was very thorough in her procedure as well as explaining it to me.” -Judith O.

“Dr. Lu is very thorough and also gentle. I had a root canal reconstruction and it was pain free. Six months later I’m very happy with the work that Dr. Lu did on my teeth. Thank you!” -William W.

“Thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment and care. You helped to make getting a “root canal” as pleasant experience as possible. I would definitely recommend you for your expertise and your great staff. The best to you and thank you again.” -Jon W.

“Getting a root canal is not fun, but Dr. Lu and Anna made the experience pleasant because they were courteous, professional and very, very passionate about saving my tooth and relieving my pain. I highly recommend Dr. Lu Endodontics” -Robert H.

“Best ever dental experience and I would recommend Dr. Lu to anyone and every one!” -Michael V.

“First, Dr. Childs wouldn’t recommend anyone he didn’t think was the “best”. Glad to have the problem solved and get on with healthy “teeth”. Thanks for making me feel better” -Barbara H.

“Dr. Lu is awesome! Actual Root Canal not so fun…but Dr. Lu is wonderful! everything was explained very thoroughly. I was a little nervous when I heard I needed to have my first root canal. Dr. Lu explained everything in detail, did a wonderful job with the anesthesia and made me comfortable throughout the entire procedure. She is truly an expert at what she does and I would recommend her services to those in need” -Joan PB

“I would highly recommend Dr. Lu. I have had many dental procedures over my lifetime and I have to tell you that Dr. Lu is the best!!!” -Anonymous

“As a veteran of many, many hours in a dentist’s chair, I would give Lu Endodontics my highest recommendation. The equipment is all state-of-the-art, Dr. Lu is meticulous and thorough, and the overall atmosphere in the office is relaxing and reassuring. No, I don’t look forward to another root-canal, but when the time comes I will surely take my business to Lu Endodontics.” -Jim L.

“Everyone was helpful and extremely courteous” -Stefan B.

“I’m impressed by the accurate use of the equipments to convey information to patients. Also: feel a great sense of confidence in the way that my procedure was done. Nice work.” -Carlos G.

“I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. I feel fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Lu and heartedly recommend Dr. Lu to anyone in search of and in need of an excellent Endodontist.” -Gary H.

“Dr. Lu is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in an accurate and concise manner. The level of care was superb. I felt absolutely no discomfort during the procedure.” -Michael J.

“Dr. Lu and Anna are an awesome team. They both worked together so well. They both made me feel so comfortable and not nervious. I had a very pleasant experience and would recommend Dr. Lu to anyone. Very very caring! Excellent dentitst-beautiful person.” -Deborah D.

“I was extremely impressed with the level of care and concern displayed by everyone at LU Endodontics. Dr Lu and Ana were so understanding with me and my extreme anxiety surrounding dentistry. They made me feel at ease and talked me through the procedure. I never want another root canal, but if I need one I would definitely come back to them. Thanks for your patience and great care” -Jamie L.

“From the very first contact I had with Anna to the last appointment I had with Dr. Lu, it made having a very painful experience into a great experience. Dr. Lu is very considerate and very gentle and Anna is great, too!” -Teri M.

“I was told by my dentist that I may have a crack in my tooth where he had started a root canal and there was a good chance I may loose my tooth. he said it would be best if I went to see a specialist, Dr. Lu I was nervous apprehensive. I have been going to the same dentist since I was 5, I trust him, I’m comfortable and secure when I visit him. I had nothing to fear evidently. Within 5 min of walking into Dr. Lu’s office, I felt like family. There office is beautiful and Dr. Lu’s assistant, Charlie, pulls double duty as an office manager making the process seam all the more seamless. Being greeted with warmth and a smile is only the first half, and while essential in my book, I came here for my tooth to get fixed. Dr. Lu impressed once again. Her in depth knowledge and ability to communicate it in a simple, comprehensible manner combined with some the most advanced technology in dentistry gave way to one of the best medical treatment experiences I have ever had. Dr. Lu saved my tooth and made me smile once again Thank you for being the expert you are and the professional I needed. You will be recommended highly.” -Matt M.

“Dr. Lu and Charlie were very understanding and caring during the entire process. Outstanding job, thank you.” -Chris D.